Certificate Activation

Activating SONCAP / Product Certificates

Step 1

Obtain a Product Certificate/SONCAP Certificate for your transaction from an IAF such as Intertek.

Step 2

When you have your Product Certificate/SONCAP Certificate please fill in your details using the Certificate Activation Request Form and click submit.

Step 3

On submission of the form, a link will appear that you can click and go to the next step of the process.

To activate your Product Certificate click the ‘Apply to Activate Product Certificate’ button, or to activate your SONPCAP Certificate click the ‘Apply to Activate SONCAP Certificate/Import Permit’ button.

Please Note: For SON regulated products, activation of the Product Certificate is required before 'Form M' submission.

Step 4

The 'Product Certificate Activation Request' page or 'SONCAP Certificate Activation Request' page will be displayed depending on your selection, fill-out the data entries required then click on Submit button to submit the request.

Please Note: For SON regulated products, activation of SONCAP Certificate is required before PAAR Consignment submission. To view the activated certificates, go back to the Trade Portal window available at https://trade.gov.ng/son then click on Search Certificates link. Certificates can be retrieved using the designated reference number.

Other Features

  • List of Certificates/Permits - click on “Certificates/Permits List” link to see all the list required Certificates/Permits.
  • SON Certificates Search - click on ‘Search Certificates’ link; use either SONCAP Certificate or Product Certificate number to search for specific certificate.


Go to the Certificate Activation Request Form.

Click here for details of local Intertek offices


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